Raising Engagement, Lowering Costs

Rally® offers a range of digital solutions that keep health plan members engaged by rewarding and incentivizing healthy actions, offering a range of well-being programs, and delivering cost transparency every step of the way.

Bringing Down Costs With Incentive Programs

Guiding people to healthy actions with incentive programs can lead to healthier populations and lower health costs for all. It’s why we partner with health plans on fully integrated and personalized incentive programs that are designed to motivate members at every point along their unique health journey.

Healthy Actions

Rewarding members for completing healthy activities and achieving goals.

Choosing Care

Incentivizing smarter and more cost-effective care choices.

Program Participation

Inspiring better health with incentives for weight loss and nicotine cessation.

Millions of Healthy Actions (and Counting)

One Pass: The Total Well-Being Solution for Seniors

One PassTM takes your Medicare plan to the next level with a complete physical, cognitive, and social health solution that attracts members to your programs and keeps them engaged at every step. Empower your Medicare members to live their healthiest lives with the largest Medicare gym network, access to thousands of virtual fitness classes, complimentary Fitbit Premium membership, an online brain health program, and more.

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Delivering Cost Savings With One Pass

Rally Coach: Coach-Connected Support

Rally Coach offers everyday well-being coaching support on a wide range of lifestyle topics like sleep, stress, and finances, as well as chronic-condition prevention programs covering weight loss, diabetes prevention, and nicotine cessation.

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Weight Loss

Interactive videos, live online group discussions, and customized personal coaching help members lose weight.

Diabetes Prevention

Intensive lifestyle intervention helps members learn how to make small, simple lifestyle changes to prevent or reduce their risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Nicotine Cessation

A combination of physical, psychological, and behavioral strategies to help members overcome their dependence on tobacco, e-cigarettes, and vaping.

Everyday Well-Being

In addition, Rally Coach offers personalized coaching support and 24/7 access to many popular well-being topics that help members reach their health goals at their own pace.

Sleep Well

Eat Smart

Stress Less

Financial Well-Being

Diabetes Lifestyle

General Wellness


Family Wellness

Fit for Life


Healthy Heart

Weight and Wellness

Rally Coach by the Numbers

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Find out more about how Rally helps drive healthy behaviors across populations.

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Empowering Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Rally creates a culture of good health through everyday engagement that helps members take control of their physical, emotional, and financial well-being; encouraging small steps to healthier habits through simple, healthy activities.

Complete Solution

Meets NCQA certifications with Health Survey, social well-being, self-management tools, and more.

Constant Connection

Offering a variety of programs that drive overall satisfaction and build a connection with members.

Increased Engagement

Personalizing the member experience with high-value actions and programs.

Member Guidance by the Numbers

Best Practices for Healthier Members

Rally is your source for the latest digital health insights designed to drive healthier outcomes across your population.

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