Once Skeptical, Now a Big Fan

By Nancy Binks-Lyman | December 19, 2017 | Special to Rally Health


CenturyLink did a wellness program last year and it was really cumbersome, really bad. So when I looked at Rally®, I thought, ‘Oh come on, really? I don’t want to do this program.’ But then I saw it again while ordering some prescriptions and I said, ‘I’m going to look at this while drinking my coffee.’ And it turned out there were so many easy ways to do it. I said to my husband, ‘Hey, you should try this thing’ and he signed up for three Missions.

We are all big runners in my family -- my girls grew up not asking ‘are you going for a run?’ but ‘when are you going for your run?’ I have run 10 marathons. My favorite distance is the half marathon, because it doesn’t beat your body up so badly. I have probably run 45 or so. I’ve hooked my FitBit to Rally, so when I go out and run 10 miles I get a ton of steps. At 60 years old, I feel entertained and rewarded by that.

We eat healthy most of time but it’s always good to be reminded about what’s important, which is why we got a kick out of the Rally reminders to eat more vegetables and fruit, and to go meatless. My husband loves getting the gratitude reminders. Using Rally reminds you that you’ve got to balance out your life.

Already an avid runner, Nancy Binks-Lyman used Rally to eat better.

Nancy Binks-Lyman (top) is a big runner and even has a CrossFit gym at home (left), but even this fitness fan found Rally helpful (left). “Using Rally reminds you that you’ve got to balance out your life.”

Rally also got me to get a blood test and a mammogram. I really hate getting a mammogram, just hate going. But when I got there I thought, ‘This is just not that big a deal.’

“We got a kick out of the Rally reminders to eat more vegetables and fruit.”

At the office, I’ve become a Rally advocate. I’ll say,‘Have you signed up for Rally? Did you do Rally?’ People would say, ‘It’s too hard’ and I would say, ‘No it’s not. It’s easy and good for you,’ and then I would pull it up on the app. I told one of the ladies in the office, ‘Do this. If you do nothing else, do this.’ Now they’ve all signed up.

I love the Rally Coins. it’s fun to go in and bet on things, basically. I also liked that I had a chance to win gift cards. I gave them to a family member, who was just thrilled. You can also donate. That’s a nice thing to be able to do.

I sit a lot at the office, so I actually have a small stationary bike that I fit under my desk. I also brought in dumbbells, and I tell other people in the office to feel free to use them. Just think, when you are sitting on a conference call and you only need to listen, you can sit there and do barbells - 1, 5, 10’s. And then you’ve done your weight bearing mission for the day! I love that about Rally - there are so many easy ways to do it.


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