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Introducing Trophy Tourneys

By Staff | May 25, 2017 | Rally Health

In response to feedback from our users, RallyⓇ is adding more activities to encourage user engagement. We’re proud to announce Trophy Tourneys for the Rally mobile app, which will allow users to earn Rally CoinsSM for activities like biking and swimming, with more options coming soon.

It’s clear that regular daily activity is crucial to maintaining overall wellness. From its inception, Rally’s Engage product has encouraged users to get active with Missions and Challenges, which let users earn Rally Coins for increasing the number of steps they take each day, either through walking or running.

Some Rally members, however, have let us know that running and walking aren’t necessarily their favorite activities. And even those users who do like to walk or run regularly have told us they crave more variety to spice up their exercise routine. With Trophy Tourneys, a whole new world of possibilities is opened up for users to incorporate regular activity into their daily lives.

This kind of responsive iteration is crucial to keeping users happy, healthy, and engaged with improving their health, which is better for everyone.

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