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By Staff | June 28, 2016 | Rally Health


Miss us at AHIP this year? No problem, we've got you covered. Speaking to a packed session about “Engagement Reimagined,” Rally senior executives Dr. Adam Bernstein, Shawn Mobley, and Karl Ulfers discussed our unified platform: Rally ChoiceRally Connect and Rally Engage. They shared some compelling data points about Connect, our new cost transparency tool that provides consumers with a one-stop solution for finding doctors and estimating costs. Here are the highlights:

1. Since launching in early 2016, Connect has clearly struck a chord with users, leading to strong engagement.

  • More than 6.5 million people have used Connect, which now generates over 40,000 searches and 7,000 cost estimates each day.
  • Connect helped one of the industry's largest insurers nearly triple member usage of benefit and provider estimates.
  • 120,000 people have engaged with patient reviews on Connect. Whether it’s writing and reading reviews or rating doctors, our users clearly value this feature.
  • Since launching virtual visits earlier this year, more than 30,000 people have chosen to use the telemedicine option.

2. Connect's seamless provider and cost information tool helps users find in-network providers and budget for their care. Compared to a legacy product, this has led to:

  • A 270 percent increase in cost tool usage.
  • A 389 percent increase in convenience or urgent care searches, compared to searches for hospitals and emergency rooms.

3. Connect drives engagement with ACO, gated, and tiered products by highlighting a user's primary care physician in all relevant searches, informing users which providers will offer the most coverage, and allowing users to add providers to a care team.

  • 73 percent of Connect users view high-quality PCPs.

4. Connect will soon complete a user's search and cost transparency journey by offering appointment scheduling as well. This will extend the value loop and further simplify today's fragmented healthcare experience, improving search conversion rates, consumer satisfaction, and provider network collaboration. For now, member satisfaction has already grown, as shown by these comparisons to a major player’s legacy product.

  • Low 5 percent bounce rate, versus previous 15 percent bounce rate.
  • 80 percent increase in Net Promoter Score for members looking for care, driving increased member retention in individual, ACA exchange, and Medicare Advantage populations.

For more on how cost transparency and doctor search are creating a prime opportunity for health care payers and providers to better serve and engage their members, check out our new white paper, “Embracing Clarity.” It offers three key recommendations for helping to align patients, payers, and providers in their joint efforts to control costs and improve health outcomes. It’s brought to you by Rally Connect, which lets users find doctors, facilities, and other care providers through a robust search tool that includes clinical quality, prices, and patient reviews.


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