The Future of HR Technologies

By Staff | May 18, 2017 | Rally Health

HR Leaders

The HR industry is in the midst of a digital revolution. More than $2 billion in investment capital was raised for HR technology in 2015 alone, to tackle everything from performance management to wellness.

These new tools will help close the tech gap in human resources — only 9 percent of companies are fully onboard with digital HR systems, according to a Deloitte survey — while also improving output, profits, and employee engagement.

But companies will realize these benefits only if they implement the technology smartly. Writing in BenefitsPro, Rhett Woods, Rally Health’s chief creative officer, emphasized the need to avoid expensive, overly complicated customizations in favor of configurable technologies that can plug more easily into existing IT. Companies also need to find ways to make it easy for employees to embrace new HR software, such as allowing for a single sign-on.

It’s not enough for companies to simply recognize the potential benefits of new technology. They must take steps to ensure it’s properly integrated with existing tech offerings and meets their unique HR needs. Read "The Future of Health Benefits Technologies" in BenefitsPro (registration required).


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