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By Rhett Woods | September 27, 2017 | Rally Health


There’s a new look coming to the Rally® dashboard, with a whole lot of new features behind it.

It’s been months in development, but Rally is about to roll out a significant advancement in keeping people engaged and active in improving their own health. We call it Progression, because it allows every Rally user to really focus on the specific goals that are most important to them, and to easily configure their Rally experience to reflect those goals. We think this will engage and motivate our members even more than usual and encourage them to stay on target and keep making progress, bringing down health care costs and improving outcomes for Rally members and their employers.

Starting this fall, the Rally dashboard will allow users to really focus in on a single goal, whether it’s losing weight, being more active, quitting smoking, etc. From there, Rally’s recommendations engine will serve up the most relevant Missions for that goal, and users will be able to see how they’re tracking on achieving that goal. And if a user decides to skip having a goal, they’ll be presented with more general recommendations.

“We want to give users more ways to stay engaged with Rally as a whole, and with Missions in particular. Progression is a cool way to beef up that core loop and inspire people to keep coming back for more,” Rally Health product lead Marc Raymond told me.

Progression screenshot

Rally’s Progression will get even better after January 2018, when we will launch true integration with several great third-party programs that give members even more ways to get healthier and earn rewards. There will be programs targeted at quitting smoking, eating healthier, and more. For the first time, these third-party options will be truly integrated with Rally’s incentives, letting people earn rewards for hitting milestones outside the native Rally experience.

We at Rally are very excited to launch Progression, and we expect it to add a new dimension to our users’ personal journeys to better health.

Rhett Woods is chief creative officer at Rally.


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