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By Deepi Brar | February 5, 2016 | Rally Health

Device integration

These days it can be hard to wrangle all your files and data.

With all your gizmos generating different files — think photos from your cameras and phones, for example — some of the handiest online services are the ones that can sync data from different devices and make it available to you anywhere. It would be hard to imagine life without Google DriveTM, Dropbox, or iCloud, right?

When it comes to your health data, things are more complicated. Unlike music and movie files, there are no uniform standards for exchanging and syncing health data. Some heavy hitters like Microsoft and Google have tried to organize health information in one place — remember Google Health? But what seemed like a good idea in theory didn’t work out so well. After the initial excitement many people stopped using their accounts because they simply didn’t have a reason to come back. Google shut down its service in 2013, although Microsoft’s is still online.

Now Rally HealthSM is taking up the challenge of centralizing your health information. We hope to succeed because we’re doing something different: making sense of the data for our users and keeping them engaged with their health through overlapping features like Missions, Challenges, Rewards, and Communities.

When most users register on Rally and take their Health Survey, we are able to work with their health plan and pull in relevant information such as cholesterol levels and blood pressure. That way, you don't have to dig around for the numbers while you're trying to finish your survey. In your Health Profile, we’ll rate those numbers on a simple green/yellow/red scale and suggest some next steps.

You can also choose to sync your fitness data from your favorite devices and apps to your Rally account. That way, you can use your Fitbit to track your steps and also use that data to check in to Missions and earn Rally Coins or other incentives from your employer.

So far Rally supports fitness trackers from Fitbit, Jawbone, BodyMedia, and Misfit. Compatible apps include RunKeeper, Strava, and Moves. We’ll be adding more in the future — let us know if you’d like your favorite device or app to work with Rally. You can tweet us @rally_health or comment on our facebook page with this and other feedback.

For now, you can only link one type of device or app at a time to your Rally account (to avoid double-counting your data). Trackers for weight (like smart scales) and other data (such as blood pressure) will be supported in the near future.

It’s just another way Rally is making health care uncomplicated.

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