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What Our Users Are Saying About Rally

By Staff | September 14, 2016 | Rally Health

Fun. Easy to use. Motivating. These are just some of the things Rally® users have said about us recently. We've been getting a lot of positive feedback from our members lately, so we thought we’d share some of it. From success stories and customer service shout-outs to a gentle joke, here's what people are saying about Rally.

Rally Encourages Engagement and Motivation

Rally has been very good to me all around. With the motivation it provides  —  all the missions, rewards, and fun it has provided to our whole office — the whole experience has been fantastic. Thank you so much Rally.

— A Rally user from Louisiana


I love Rally. It helps me keep motivated every day!

— A Rally user from Pennsylvania


Great health tool. I am enjoying using it daily.

— A Rally user from Georgia


The website is yet another way to hold me accountable for my well being and health.

— A Rally user from Indiana


Rally Users Get Their Friends and Family to Sign Up

I think Rally is the best! I love how it gets me to keep track of my steps. That is very important to me, as I am trying to be more active. I've also gotten my husband and sister to join. Thank you!

— A Rally user from Texas


I use it every day… It helps me keep track daily. I highly recommend all my co-workers use it.

— A Rally user from Florida


It was a very good experience for me and made me look at taking control of my health and care more intimately. I will definitely share my experience with others.

— A Rally user from Texas


Being a part of Rally has been the absolute greatest experience! I'd recommend it to everyone! And this includes their customer service!

— A Rally user from Texas


Rally Helps People Meet Their Goals

I LOVE Rally! I've been signed up for about one-and-a-half years and it truly motivates me to move and live a healthy lifestyle. I've dropped 35 lbs. the healthy way — no fad diets or pills — just good old exercise and watching what I eat.

— A Rally user from Illinois


Rally Users Love Coins and Sweepstakes

I love how it's a reward system. You join all these Missions and get coins to use towards sweepstakes, which is very nice. I love how you can get a gift card and choose where you want to use it.

— A Rally user from Texas


I love the challenges and cool prizes to shoot for.

— A Rally user from Texas


Rally Is Easy to Use

Great service…Love Rally! Easy to use your online site.

— A Rally user from Michigan


Wonderful program! Very easy to use!

— A Rally user from New York


Rally Is Fun

I really enjoy the Rally program. It definitely adds a fun element to tracking your fitness and wellness.

— A Rally user from Florida


The Rally program is amazing, and the support team is the icing on the cake, or the hummus on the celery. :)

— A Rally user from Illinois


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