6 Ways We’re Helping You Respond to COVID-19

By COVID-19 Team | April 10, 2020 | Rally Health


Every employer is affected by the current global pandemic — whether that means helping employees get the care they need, connecting them to important health information and updates, or providing resources for their well-being during these unprecedented times. Disruption has become the new normal, as employers race to protect both the lives and livelihoods of their employees.

We’re here for you in this challenging time. Here are a half-dozen of the enhancements we’ve already made, with more to come.

Redesigned navigation

We know COVID-19 is top of mind for most people right now. So we redesigned the Rally dashboard, featuring a prominent banner at the top that directs members to a Frequently Asked Questions About COVID-19 page. And we’ve given them easier access to timely articles — such as dealing with COVID-19-related anxiety and understanding social distancing — alongside Marketplace deals that can help them maintain their healthy habits during periods of social isolation.

COVID-19 resources and activities

We want to make it easy for employees to connect with similar communities (think: Women's Health or Food and Nutrition) and try new activities (say, mindfulness and creativity exercises). So we created Staying Well, a curated page of resources, activities, articles, and other COVID-related content to keep employees better connected, engaged, and informed.

Health and wellness articles

Staying healthy amid the global pandemic means more than avoiding COVID-19. It can also mean managing stress and anxiety during these turbulent times, finding solo activities to replace a group-exercise routine, or learning creative ways to eat well while limiting trips to the grocery store. Drawing on Rally’s expertise in the health and wellness space, we created a robust library of premium articles that help people stay well in every sense of the word.

More emphasis on virtual care

Whether talking with a therapist or getting a pink-eye diagnosis, telemedicine holds huge potential for connecting employees to the care they need while also helping them avoid in-person contact at doctors’ offices and urgent care centers. But for many, virtual visits are unfamiliar. We’re trying to make the process as straightforward as possible. First, we’ve made it easier for people to be aware it’s an option, if their employer offers it. When someone searches for COVID-19 or other relevant terms, we're highlighting virtual visits in the results. We’ve also created an easy-to-understand guide on how virtual visits work, when they’re an appropriate option, and how to get the most out of these appointments.

Dedicated FAQ page

When employees have questions, they want clear, concise answers they can actually understand. We created a dedicated COVID-19 FAQ page. It’s clinically reviewed, and written in simple, straightforward language. We’ve spent years honing how we talk to members, walking that tightrope between being accessible and comprehensive. Now, we’re putting this to good use to help keep employees informed during the pandemic.

Targeted training for our coaches

No one wants the pandemic to force employees to abandon the progress they’ve made toward quitting smoking or losing weight or reversing their prediabetes. These are massive life goals, and losing momentum now might have lifelong repercussions. So we initiated targeted training for our coaches at Quit for Life and Real Appeal so employees can keep up their progress while getting answers and insights on any COVID-related questions.

The weeks and months ahead will almost certainly bring more changes. But the need to support employees through this pandemic and its fallout will remain a constant. We hope by remaining agile and proactive about how we connect and inform employees, we can be your valued partner through this crisis. Because even at a distance, we’re stronger together.


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