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By Rhett Woods | December 12, 2017 | Rally Health


It’s been a busy year at Rally®! We’ve been making improvements and adding features to our platform that will help make it even easier for employees to learn about and sign up for the programs that employers spend so much time researching, choosing, and promoting.

Recently, we announced the opening of Rally Marketplace™, a new way for Rally users to earn rewards by exchanging their Rally Coins for discounts on a huge selection of top-brand items. We also told you about Progression, an improvement to our recommendation engine that encourages a member to indicate an area of their health that they want to work on the most and see how they’re tracking on achieving that goal.

As the health industry continues to evolve, we at Rally continue to listen to our customers. Many of them have shared with us the challenges they’re facing in helping employees connect with relevant health programs that address their needs and goals in a simple, accessible way.

After listening to this feedback, we’re pleased to announce the first phase of our Next Big Thing: an easier way to add partner and third-party programs. Starting in January 2018, high-quality programs to help people lose weight, quit smoking, and more will start to be available on the Rally platform for health plans and employers to offer their employees.

There will be more to come, but programs offered at the beginning of 2018 include:

  • Real Appeal for weight loss
  • Quit4Life for tobacco cessation
  • Optum Coaching for personal wellness
  • Zipongo for nutrition

Rally’s personalized recommendation engine will direct users to the programs most likely to suit their needs based on their health status and interest to engage. This lets them find and join the programs they want and start using them right away, with no further logins required; all their third-party programs are right there on the Rally dashboard. In many cases, the programs can even integrate with your own in-house reward system, truly letting Rally become a one-stop wellness hub.

By integrating high-quality programs like these into the Rally experience, we’re reducing the burden off benefits leaders like you. You’ll no longer need to make specific recommendations to higher-risk employees and track your members’ progress; Rally does all that work for you. We fully expect these programs to continually evolve, so we’ll keep working with our partners and clients to hear what you think and incorporate your feedback.

Beyond these initial integrations, our customers have shared additional categories that they would like to see. We are currently evaluating programs for sleep, stress, financial well-being, advocacy, and more.

We’re very excited to add these outstanding third-party programs to the Rally experience, and we think your members will be excited at how easy it is to find, learn about, and use them. We see this new phase as yet another step in our mission to constantly improve the ways Rally helps your members achieve their health goals.

Happy New Year from everyone at Rally!

Rhett Woods is chief creative officer at Rally.


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