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By Ian Wheeler | February 5, 2016 | Rally Health

Blog welcome

Welcome to the new Rally HealthSM blog!

This is the place to get the latest news on all the ways RallySM is changing the health care landscape.

Rally’s mission is to put people in control of their health -- and their health care. We make it easy to shop for health benefits, find a doctor, compare prices for treatments, improve your diet and fitness, and much more.

On this blog we’ll be exploring some of the ways we do this:

Finding the Fun
Rally finds creative ways to engage people and give them the health care tools they need. From simple daily health missions to coins and rewards, Rally helps people improve their health and keeps them coming back for more.

Putting Data to Work
We use smart data integration to become a one-stop shop for everyone’s health needs. We sync with a user’s existing health care provider to allow them to browse and purchase benefits online, find a local doctor in their network, compare costs for a visit or treatment, and more.

Top Technology and Design
Our innovative technology and consumer-friendly design makes Rally a standout platform. We keep users in mind at all times, creating products that are easy and fun to use while delivering real value.

Awesome People
At Rally, the people matter as much as the work. We’re proud of the team of talented, dedicated, passionate people we’ve assembled here. We will introduce some of them on this blog, so you can get to know the Rally story in the words of the people who make it happen.

Happy reading, and Rally on!


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