Rally Connect

Now you can comparison shop for health care! Rally Connect℠ lets you find doctors, treatment facilities, and other care providers with a robust search tool that includes clinical quality, price, and patient feedback information. Rally Connect integrates with your health plan in order to calculate the covered and out-of-pocket costs of your health care. By making it simple to search for doctors, hospitals, and treatments, Rally Connect can guide you to the best care at the right price for your needs.

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Guided Search

Searching for medical, dental, vision, or behavioral care providers? Rally Connect offers guided search, which uses simple icons to provide direction, allowing you to search effectively even if you’re not sure what you’re looking for.


To help you find the right provider for your needs, your search results are listed in order of consumer ratings and quality rankings from the government, health plans, and third parties. Your results are also personalized based on your insurance coverage and location.

Price Information

When you search for a provider, Rally Connect pulls their cost information directly from your health plan, letting us instantly estimate the covered and out-of-pocket costs for services. This makes it easier for you to avoid sticker shock and make better financial decisions about your health.

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