Rally Engage

Getting healthier is easy with Rally Engage℠. It's an intuitive, personalized product with programs for losing weight, reducing stress, quitting smoking, and much more. We provide daily recommendations tailored just for you and give you all the support you need. You'll earn rewards as you go and can easily track your progress, making it a snap to stay on target.

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Rally Engage Survey

Health Survey

Rally gets to know you with a fast, fun Health Survey. When you complete the Survey, you'll find out your Rally Age℠, a snapshot of your overall health that identifies areas where you can start improving right away. Take the Survey and see how you can use Rally's personalized recommendations and other tools to begin making positive changes in your life.

I LOVE Rally! It truly motivates me to move and live a healthy lifestyle. I’ve dropped 35 lbs. the healthy way — no fad diets or pills — just good old exercise and watching what I eat.

— A Rally user from Illinois


Big changes start with small steps. Missions are simple activities you can fit into your daily routine to help you form positive, healthy habits. Your responses to the Health Survey let us recommend Missions to improve your diet, fitness, and mood in little ways every day, and you'll earn rewards as you make progress. Whatever your health goals, there are Missions for you.

I love how it’s a reward system. You join all these Missions and get coins to use towards sweepstakes, which is very nice. I love how you can get a gift card and choose where you want to use it.

— A Rally user from Texas


Rally works with your employer to seamlessly integrate with their incentive programs, rewarding you for taking positive steps and motivating you to keep going. Pretty much everything you do on Rally, like completing the Health Survey, making progress in a Mission, or even just logging in, will earn you Rally Coins that can be used for a chance to win cool stuff.

I love the challenges and cool prizes to shoot for.

— A Rally user from Texas


When it comes to getting healthier, there's nothing like the help of a professional health coach. If you're eligible, Rally can connect you with a real, live coach for one-on-one support and expert advice to keep you on track. Your coach can help you create a plan that fits your schedule and your health goals. Rally's Coaching tool is easy to use, and you'll earn rewards along the way.

I think Rally is the best! I love how it gets me to keep track of my steps. That is very important to me, as I am trying to be more active. I’ve also gotten my husband and sister to join. Thank you!

— A Rally user from Texas

Rally Engage Challenges


Challenges are an opportunity for a little friendly competition to get you motivated. Using a motion-tracking app or device, track your daily steps as you walk or run, and see how you measure up against others on virtual racecourses set in cities like San Francisco, Washington, DC, New York, or Las Vegas. You'll earn rewards for hitting milestones along the way.


One of Rally's most popular features, Communities offer members a chance to interact with each other in a supportive, friendly environment. There are Communities dedicated to a wide variety of health topics, from diet and fitness to sleep, back pain, and even relationships, which keeps our members coming back to share their experiences, tips, and motivation.

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