5 Vegetable Recipes That Blast Past Boring

By Staff | March 10, 2021 | Rally Health

We all know that vegetables are nutritional powerhouses, and we should pack plenty of them into our meals. But let’s be honest: Most of us don’t. In fact, it’s estimated that 9 out of 10 Americans don’t eat the recommended servings of veggies for optimal health.

Mixing things up — which veggies you pick, how you prep them, and working them into your meals — is one way to blast past those boring steamed-green-bean sides and make vegetables tantalizing. Prepare your taste buds to be wowed by these nutritious dishes.

Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

Buffalo wings are a game day favorite, but the standard ingredients used to make them –– chicken wings, wing sauce, and butter –– tend to load them up with saturated fat and sodium. Creating a healthier, vegetarian buffalo “wing” using cauliflower sounds like a stretch, but this appetizer is one even die-hard wing fans will love.

Roasted Vegetable Moussaka

This vegetarian version of what some call the Greek variation of lasagna manages to deliver the same flavors and heartiness that the classic dish is known for but in a healthier way by swapping the lamb for lentils and incorporating both zucchini and eggplant.

Mushroom and Black Bean Burgers

Mushrooms are a common burger topper, but using diced mushroom inside the patty means you can load way more of these toothsome veggies into your meal. Cooked brown rice and coarsely mashed black beans give these burgers both structural and nutritional heft; they contain more fiber and lower sodium than several popular store-bought versions.

White Cheddar and Pumpkin Mac and Cheese

Pumpkin brings creaminess –– and a Vitamin A boost –– to this comfort food classic, while also allowing you to use way less cheese than most traditional recipes. Kids (and grownups!) won’t notice the missing saturated fat, we promise.

Spiced Chickpea and Swiss Chard Stew

Swiss chard gives even kale a run for its money, when it comes to nutrient density. But if this dark, leafy green is new to you, it can be a bit intimidating to cook. For an easy meal that’s nearly goof-proof, try this lightened-up version of New York Times columnist Alison Roman’s chickpea stew dish. There’s a reason #thestew caused a buzz on social media!


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