Rally Health Launches Connect, Doctor Search and Cost Information Tool

By Staff | November 12, 2015

Rally Health, Inc., the leading consumer-centric digital health company, has launched Rally ConnectSM, an online experience that enables people to shop for the right health care based on their personal needs. Rally Connect offers consumers a better understanding of both the quality and cost of the care they receive, increasing the likelihood that they will choose higher quality and less expensive preventive-health measures, and when appropriate, make more visits to clinics instead of emergency rooms. The result is cost savings both for the consumer and for the health plan.

Rally Connect is one of the largest health care shopping and search experiences, available to more than 20 million people enrolled in employer-sponsored health plans, with UnitedHealthcare as one of the first health insurers to offer Rally Connect to its plan participants.

“With an interactive and simplified user experience, Rally Health gives people the ability to comparison shop for health care services based on quality and cost, just as they would with any other product or service,“ said Jeff Alter, CEO of UnitedHealthcare Employer & Individual.

Rally Connect helps health plan members make the right choices for more than 300 different health procedures and services through the use of a single, integrated solution that combines information about medical, dental, behavioral and vision health care providers.

“As the prevalence of high-deductible health plans increases, consumers are assuming more responsibility for their health care costs, and they need accurate and easy-to-navigate tools to help them make the right decisions for their care,” said Grant Verstandig, Rally Health founder and CEO. “Unfortunately, the health care consumer has been forced to use one-off tools that are often inaccurate and hard to navigate. The key to helping consumers manage these rising costs is to create an integrated experience that empowers them with the right quality and cost information at the right time. The health care experience should be no different from shopping for a car or planning a trip.”

Enabling Consumers to Learn and Understand the Full Cost of Their Health Care

Rally Connect links individual health plan data with pricing information based on the contracted rate between the insurer and the care provider to instantly calculate what will be covered and what the consumer will pay, and includes what services are eligible to be covered through their Health Savings Account (HSA). Rally Connect enables consumers to look at the cost of their health care more holistically; for example, they can research the cost of knee surgery and learn the costs of all the points of care, from specialists, imaging studies and physical therapy to the procedure itself.

Creating an Experience for Consumers to Easily Research Their Health Care Options

Rally Connect also offers consumers a complete picture of how costs relate to quality of care, as care providers are presented in ranked order according to quality ratings established by sources such as the consumer’s health plan and third-party quality programs.

Rally Connect’s search function enables consumers to use either free-form text inputs or guided search flows to research care providers within their health plan or a health plan they are considering. Guided search uses intuitive icons and a step-by-step narrative to help users navigate their choices and helps reduce the number of times consumers give up on a search before finding what they need.

Unifying the Consumer Health Experience

Rally Connect rounds out the Rally digital health platform’s unique ability to engage and empower consumers at every major touch point in their health care experience. Rally Health’s wellness solution Rally Engage SM gives people personalized health recommendations based on their health needs, with the goal of helping them make simple, positive changes in their daily routines and set and achieve health and fitness goals. Rally ChoiceSM enables people to easily select and enroll in health insurance benefits online. Rally’s flexible architecture and configurability tools enable health plans to quickly and easily implement the Rally solutions alongside their own unique offerings for a truly unified consumer health experience.

About Rally Health

Rally Health, Inc. is a consumer-focused digital health company that is making it easy for individuals to take charge of their health and wellness and working with employers and health plans to reimagine health engagement. The company’s flagship offering is RallySM, a digital health platform that offers a suite of integrated solutions to help consumers manage all aspects of their health and wellness. More than 20 million consumers currently have access to the Rally platform through payers such as UnitedHealthcare and employer groups. With offices in Washington, D.C., San Francisco, and Chicago, Rally Health has been working to transform the consumer health and wellness industry since 2010. For more information, please visit www.RallyHealth.com.


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