Rally Health "Gamifies" Platform to Engage Consumers

By Rally Staff | March 5, 2015

When Rally HealthSM recently launched its new HIPAA-compliant digital platform, MedicalResearch.com sat down with Rally's Chief Strategy Officer, Brian Dolan, to talk about it.

"We designed the platform to give consumers the support and tools they need to better manage their health and well-being," Dolan said. "Rally leverages the power of personal health data, social networking, and gamification to encourage consumers to take control of their health."

But wellness is only a starting point for Rally, according to Dolan. "Our vision for Rally Health is to create a digital suite of tools that actively engages consumers throughout their daily health and care experiences — whether it’s chatting with a coach online, completing a mobile health assessment, searching for the right provider, or making an informed financial care decision."


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