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The Quietly Revolutionary Idea Behind Rally Health

By Staff | October 13, 2016 | <a href="https://greatist.com/" class="greatist-link" target="_blank" /><img src="/assets/Greatist_Logo_White.svg" alt="Greatist" /></a>

Do you know all the health care benefits you’re entitled to? Do you know if you have a health savings account, and if so, how much it contains? Do you know if you can reduce your premium and if so, how to do it? If you’re shopping for a new plan, do you know if you should get an HMO, a PPO, or a point-of-service plan based on your biometrics, prior family history, location, income? Do you even know your biometrics?

That's how Fortune captured the unfathomable complexity of today's health care landscape, "leaving ample space for tech-savvy startups with lofty ambitions of disrupting the industry," writes the magazine. And one of them is Rally®, a digital health company that is "cracking the code" on patient engagement by simplifying health care.


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