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How to Win at Everyday Things

By Staff | March 1, 2016 | Rally Health

Sure, we’re all grownups with paying jobs and insurance and proper glassware. So why does it sometimes feel like we don’t have the hang of basic things, like washing our hair or shaving? And how much toothpaste do you really need to squeeze out, anyway?

Turns out, some of these simple everyday rituals don't have an obvious right answer, and it might feel a little strange to ask for advice on how to clean your ears or how often to shower. If you’ve ever wondered, here are some expert tips for everyday tasks.


The Best Way to Wash Your Face

Hot or cold water? Gentle cleanser or grainy scrub? Get the lowdown.


Are You Showering Right?

Washing up shouldn't dry you out — get the expert take on how often, how long, and more.


13 Ways You Could Be Damaging Your Hair

From washing too often to over-styling, here are some of the common mistakes we make.


Are You Cleaning Your Ears All Wrong?

If you're still poking cotton swabs into your ears, you might want to read this.


The Right Way to Shave, According to Experts

7 pro tips to banish razor burn, ingrown hairs, and other irritations.


How Much Toothpaste to Use

You're probably using way too much (and your kids, too).


How to Avoid Germs in Public Restrooms

Do you know what the dirtiest part of a restroom is? Hint: It's not the toilet seat.


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