Where to Find Flu Shots Near You

By Deepi Brar | October 7, 2016 | Rally Health


Did you know you may be able to get a flu shot without a copay, coinsurance, or deducible? That's right, certain screenings and preventive care — including flu shots — are covered at no additional cost under the Affordable Care Act. That means any private plans that were designed after 2010 should offer flu shots as part of your basic preventive care.

Medicare also covers flu shots. Children on Medicaid can get their shots at certain clinics, and in some states adults on Medicaid programs may be able to get flu shots as well.

Always check with your insurance — some plans may only cover shots at certain locations. Also, older plans that predate the ACA ("grandfathered plans") are not required to cover the full cost of flu shots. As with any health service, always check with your health insurance plan in advance to make sure you're covered at the best "in-network" rate.

Also, be on the lookout for free flu shots offered through school, work, community clinics, or health fairs.

Where can I get a shot?

If you have insurance through UnitedHealthcare, click here to find a location.

If not, you can use the HealthMap Vaccine Finder. (Check which locations your plan covers.)

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