Making Healthier Decisions Possible for Employees

Wellness Coaching on Rally CoachTM helps participants live their healthiest at their own pace. Live coach support paired with a collection of digital health and well-being topics encourage healthy behavior change through small, achievable steps—all adding up to health care cost savings for employers.

wellness coaching

Proven Engagement and Savings

Wellness Coaching successfully engages participants to make better health decisions, resulting in health improvements that trickle down to lower health care costs for employers.


Live Coaching Support

Making small, achievable lifestyle changes, and adopting healthier behaviors, with the support of an expert coach when needed.


Relevant Courses

Benefiting from the most relevant course topics, including stress and weight management, and more.


Flexible Access

Engaging in a variety of ways that best fit the needs and schedule of participants, from self-directed to live coach-led courses.

Here’s What Members Get

Personal coaches available live as needed, on a regular basis, or not at all if employees choose.


Coaching Support

Personal coaches available live as needed, on a regular basis, or not at all if employees choose


Engaging Content

Expert-led courses with additional resources and activities based on relevant topics.


Whole Health Support

24/7 member access and support online, a mobile app for tracking progress, and more.

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3 Post-coaching survey responses, 2020. Includes coach- and self-guided.

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