How to Keep in Touch While Social Distancing

By Staff | March 24, 2020 | Rally Health

Corona resources keeping connected

What’s the trick to collaborating with colleagues while working from home? What about connecting with friends and loved ones when you can’t get together in person? Communicating and socializing while you’re practicing social distancing doesn’t have to be hard. Find out how to chat, watch movies, play games, and more in the articles below.

How Safe Are Outdoor Gatherings?

How to Keep in Touch While Social Distancing

Social Distancing Do's and Don’ts

Steps to Counter the Loneliness of Social Distancing

How to Have a Socially Distanced Cookout (With Recipes for Grilled Chicken, Corn, and More)

Understanding Social Distancing

Stay Sane While Working Remotely (Yes, It’s Possible!)

4 Ways to Stay Connected While Social Distancing

How to Have a Social Life When You Can’t Meet in Person

How to Be Productive While Working From Home


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