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By Staff | March 20, 2020 | Rally Health

Corona roundup

How can I guard myself and my family against COVID-19? What exactly is social distancing? What's the trick to being productive while working remotely? You probably have a lot of questions about COVID-19 and the changes you may be facing at work or home. We've rounded up a list of useful articles, below, to help you navigate. Read on for recipes, home workouts, homeschooling advice, and much more. And for up-to-date information about COVID-19, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


What you absolutely must know about COVID-19 — plus practical tips to help you protect yourself and your loved ones.

How to Protect Yourself and Prepare for Coronavirus

Surfaces? Sneezes? How Coronavirus Can and Cannot Spread

Four Ways to Stop Touching Your Face

Are You Washing Your Hands All Wrong?

Get Germs Off Your Gadgets

Why Coronavirus Seems to Hit Men Harder Than Women

Pregnant? Here’s What to Know About Coronavirus

COVID-19 and Chronic Medical Conditions — What to Know


Taking care of yourself right now is important. See below for resources to help you work out at home, eat right, practice self-care, and prime your immune system.

Optimize your health

Can I Boost My Immune System?

How to Stay Well When You’re Stuck at Home

Should You Throw Away Your Toothbrush After Being Sick?

What to Eat — and What to Skip — for a Better Night’s Sleep

Eating-in essentials

Stocking Your Pantry, the Right Way

5 Weeknight Recipes in 25 Minutes or Less

9 Smart Ways to Grocery-Shop Faster

12 Freezer-Friendly Fruits and Veggies

5 Go-To Foods for Easy, Last-Minute Meals

3-Ingredient Pantry Dinners

Workouts you can do anywhere

6 Great Home Workouts

Everything You Need to Do Yoga at Home

7 Home Workouts You Can Try Right Now

5 Total Body Toners

Taking care of you — managing stress and anxiety

5 Natural Remedies for Anxiety

COVID-19 — How to Support Others

Coronavirus Stress Relief for Parents

Managing Coronavirus Anxiety


Handshakes are off-limits, but virtual hugs? Totally OK. Read on for articles about working remotely, keeping homebound kids busy, and staying in touch with friends and loved ones near and far.

Work-from-home advice

How to Be Productive While Working From Home

Stay Sane While Working Remotely (Yes, It’s Possible!)

Resources for parents and caregivers

11 Questions Parents May Have About Coronavirus

How to Talk to Your Child About Coronavirus

12 Smart Ways to Keep Kids Busy When School’s Out

How to Homeschool During Coronavirus Closings

How to Protect Older People From Coronavirus

How to socialize during social distancing

Understanding Social Distancing

4 Ways to Stay Connected During Social Distancing

How to Have a Social Life When You Can’t Meet in Person


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