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What’s in Your Bag, Katie Couric?

January 10, 2020 | Rally Magazine

TV host Katie Couric is always on the go, what with her new podcast, “Next Question,” Wake-Up Call daily newsletter, upcoming memoir, and various appearances. Keep an eye out for her events with Rally this winter.

Reusable Mug

"Reducing waste is important to me so I always carry a reusable mug."


"I love keeping nuts or anything with peanut butter to snack on during the day. Also a great source of protein."

Hand Lotion

"I carry Aveeno® hand lotion and Aquaphor® to stay moisturized during the cold and dry New York City months."

Blotting Powder

"Blotting powder is an essential for eliminating shine when taking Instagram photos throughout the day."

iPad Pro

"I love my iPad Pro® for staying up on the news and my social media connections. The calendar app helps me stay on top of wellness priorities like doctor visits, and my work schedule — I never miss an appointment."

The Calm App

"I also use my phone to stay on top of my mental wellness. I have a sleep tracking app and use the Calm app every once in a while."

The New York Times

"I always carry a copy of a newspaper or magazine—I love The New York Times and The Atlantic."


"l never go out without a book. God forbid there’s no Wi-Fi! I’ve been reading Ronan Farrow’s ‘Catch and Kill,’ and Mary Carr’s ‘The Art of Memoir,’ as I write my own."

This article originally ran in Rally Magazine. Read the whole issue here!

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