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Who Needs Sleep? Not Kevin Hart, He Runs Instead

By Staff | July 31, 2015 | Rally Health

Kevin Hart did two comedy shows in Chicago on Thursday night, went to bed at 2:30 am, and slept for oh, maybe three hours. But that was enough rest for him to “get me up and do what I got to do," as he told The Chicago Tribune. That thing he needed to do? Run a 5K. He's been doing these pop-up fun runs in various cities on his "What Now?" tour, and on Friday Chi Town runners got in on the action.

More than 700 Chicagoans likely got to work a little late on Friday because they joined Hart at the legendary Field Museum of Natural History for an early morning run. Although Hart claims he's not a runner, he is consistently improving his results with each successive 5K. This time he clocked in at 21 minutes and 54 seconds, almost a minute faster than his San Francisco time.

It was a warm summer day, and after the race Hart sprawled out on the marble steps of the museum to cool down for a moment. But then he was up and at 'em again, handing out high-fives to folks as they crossed the finish line.

Hart has already announced he's doing another run in Toronto this Sunday, and it's clear these are becoming a regular thing. After all, he's  on a mission to make being healthy cool, which is why he became a Health Ambassador for Rally HealthSM, a company dedicated to helping people move more, eat better, and feel great.

Where will he run next? Check out RallyWithKevin.com for the latest news.

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