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What Is Going On With Kevin Hart in This Picture?

By Staff | January 19, 2016 | Rally Health

Kevin Hart must be feeling pretty good right about now. His cop comedy "Ride Along 2" won the holiday weekend box office and dethroned "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" from the No.1 spot.  As for critical reviews, even The New York Times praised his "manic comic energy." So what's up with the punching bag?

For starters, Hart is a dedicated fitness buff, which is why he's Rally's first Health Ambassador. Whether he's on a comedy tour or doing a movie shoot, he always makes time to work out. Plus, we hear there's a video coming soon that will explain the punching bag. To catch it first, follow us on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Meanwhile, we have another question: What exactly is Kevin saying to Rally HealthSM president David Ko? Judging from the photo below it was pretty funny.

Kevin and Ko










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