We Make Health and Care Simpler for All

For far too long, the health care experience has been complicated, confusing, and costly. As a result, it’s kept people from playing an active role in their own health. Rally® changes all that — by reducing the complexity, breaking down the barriers to meaningful action, and bringing benefits to life. 

Whether you’re a benefit leader, payer, or provider, get a closer look at Rally’s Care, Well, Coach, and Reward solutions — and see how our programs drive engagement.

We Make It Easier for People to Manage Their Health

Through a single dashboard, our digital health platform connects people to the right care and programs — so they can make more cost-effective decisions and lead healthier lives.

A Personalized Experience

Rally draws from a wide range of data sources to deliver an individualized member experience that guides and drives the next best action.

Powerful Engagement

Our intuitive design, user-friendly tools, and targeted rewards drive participation — motivating people to engage in their own health and make cost-effective choices.

Seamless Integration

Rally’s deep data and program integration reduces complexity by connecting experiences that make it easier for individuals to understand their entire spectrum of benefits

Support for Better Care Decisions

Rally simplifies the care experience so people can understand their benefits, make informed decisions, and use their benefits more cost effectively.

Easier Access

Through a single dashboard, individuals can easily find, access, and manage their care — all from their own computer or mobile device.

Reduced Complexity

Finding the right type of care can be confusing. Our decision-support tools help guide people to high quality care and help them use their benefits more effectively.

Lower Costs

Rally helps people understand lower cost options from in-network providers, relevant well-being programs, alternative care choices such as virtual visits, and less expensive prescription options

Rally helps people find the right care at the right time.

Rally helps improve efficiency of care utilization and lower costs.

Inspiring and Supporting Well-Being Through Everyday Engagement

Rally helps people take control of their own health by encouraging small steps that lead to healthy habits — through easy activities like Missions, Challenges, and more.


Through an analysis of biometric screening results, medical data, and health survey results, Rally gives individuals an easy-to-understand picture of their overall health — so they can make smarter choices and build better habits.


Rally’s intuitive design guides people to the right Missions, Challenges, and Communities, and compels action with a robust system of rewards and incentives.

Powering Utilization

Rally’s recommendation engine directs individuals to the programs and activities most likely to suit their needs, making it easier for people to engage — and for you to get the most from your investment.

Rally motivates people to get and stay healthy.

Coaching Solutions They Can Count On

From self-directed online learning to intensive interventions, Rally CoachTM programs help individuals take ownership of their health and lower their risk of chronic disease. 

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Personal and Scalable

Blending digital technology with human expertise and a personal touch, Rally helps participants develop healthy habits, get expert advice, and connect to peer support — no matter what your population’s size.

An Individualized Approach

Rally offers a one-size-fits-one approach to coaching at scale that includes a people-centric design, flexible options, and convenient access.

Proven Results

Our health and prevention programs are grounded in research and proven to work at scale — with results that have positively impacted hundreds of thousands of lives.

Rally Coach programs deliver real results.

Rewards That Keep Them Engaged

Rally offers rewards to drive engagement — and can design and support your incentive program to motivate individuals every step of the way. 

Rewarding a Range of Activities

Rally makes it easier for people to reach their goals by offering compelling rewards for everything from building healthy habits to making better care decisions.


Leveraging health and care data, our unique approach enables us to offer incentives to individuals for programs and actions that are most relevant to them.

Sustained Engagement

We motivate people at every step of their health journey, using incentive programs to get them started — and Rally rewards to keep them engaged.

Rally’s deep incentive experience helps you maximize your reward program.

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