Rally Makes Health Care Simple

Rally’s CareHealth, and Benefits Navigation Solutions can reduce costs, confusion, and complexity in the health care experience. From a single dashboard, consumers can easily search for, schedule, and pay for care, compare costs, earn rewards, and manage their benefits.


The intuitive design and user-friendly tools guide consumers and can help them save money by making informed, cost-effective decisions.


Rally simplifies the experience by letting members search for, schedule, and pay for care from a single dashboard, regardless of their carrier.


By bringing health, care, and benefits together in one place, Rally makes it easier for employers to administrate and promote the program, while keeping employees engaged.

Care Solutions

Rally can help users find, price, schedule, and pay for the care they need.


Simple user interface makes the health care experience easier, letting members quickly search for a doctor, hospital, treatment, or mental health service from their computer or mobile device.


Select members can potentially save money by seeing cost comparisons based on their benefit plan. Rally enables cost-efficient decisions such as selecting a primary care physician, searching for in-network doctors, or choosing Urgent Care over ER visits.


Rally gives select members the ability to schedule appointments and even pay for care right from their dashboard, saving time and reducing complexity.

Health Solutions

Rally members can work on improving their health with a wide selection of recommended activities, competitive challenges, interactive communities, and coaching programs that suit their lifestyle.

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Based on a simple but comprehensive Health Survey, members get personalized recommendations for healthy activities based on their individual needs.


Consumers are incentivized to improve their health with a variety of different reward types.


Integrated programs cover a wide range of physical and mental health care, including clinically proven weight loss and smoking cessation programs.

Benefits Navigation Solutions

Rally provides a simple and personalized experience to help members find and take advantage of programs and other opportunities to improve their health.


All your employees can easily find and access the full range of benefits available to them in one place, including RX, HSA, vision, dental and other programs.


Rally engages members with personalized recommendations based on their individual health needs and behaviors.


With access to their benefits in one place, members can make better, more informed choices for their long-term health planning.

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