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With Rally Choice®, employees select benefit plans that meet their specific needs, armed with easy-to-understand information about their options.

Healthier Employees, by the Numbers

The numbers don’t lie — a lot of people are getting a lot out of Rally®.

Rally is offered to employees at 45 percent of Fortune 500 Companies.

Our health assessment survey is completed by 95 percent of registered members.

$365.6M incentive dollars processed through Rally in 2017 YTD.

Decisions That Improve Health

With Rally Choice®, employees can compare plans and make informed decisions about their health care. Choice encourages employees to make the best use of their benefits.

  • More informed decisions lead to greater employee confidence in and satisfaction with their benefits.
  • Choice eliminates cumbersome, error-prone paperwork by providing step-by-step online enrollment guidance to employees.

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Rally® Gets Results

At companies that have adopted Rally’s solutions, more employees are using their benefits and improving their health. Read on to see why Rally users are excited about the results.

Rally® comes at you from a completely different direction. It says, if you’re healthy already, let’s keep you healthy. And if you’re not, let’s get you healthy.

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from Indiana

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Build healthier habits and get rewarded for your successes along the way.

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Help your employees make the best use of their benefits and improve their health.

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Acquire and retain patients by providing cost transparency that will help them plan for health care expenses.

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