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Rally's integrated platform helps employees, payers, providers, and employers maximize the potential of their health and the health care system.

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Rally® takes the complexity and anxiety out of health care, making it easy for anyone in any industry to access, manage, and administer their benefits — for any size employer.

Rally comes at you from a completely different direction. It says, if you’re healthy already, let’s keep you healthy. And if you’re not, let’s get you healthy.

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Informed Choices Are Better Choices

Rally Choice® makes it easy for employees to compare benefits and clinical care options, including out-of-pocket expenses. Choice ensures that each employee gets the information and guidance they need to choose the plan that’s right for them and to complete the enrollment process.

  • By helping employees make informed decisions, Choice also encourages them to make the best use of their benefits.
  • Choice assists employees throughout the enrollment process so they can be confident about their choices and what their benefits can do for them.
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Well-Being Solutions That Motivate Employees Through Wellness

Rally® makes it easy for employees to take positive steps to improve their health and easily access their benefits when needed. With Rally’s health and well-being solutions, employees can track their progress and earn rewards for hitting milestones such as weight loss, steps per day, or lowered blood pressure.

  • Encourage employees to improve their health and celebrate their successes.
  • Our behavioral and data scientists developed well-being solutions that help us both reach out to and learn more about our users. This helps us keep employees motivated to improve their health.
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Care Solutions That Simplify Choices

Rally’s care solutions make it easy for employees to make informed choices and find the care they need within their budgets. Simplifying the process of choosing a primary care physician, locating the closest urgent care, reviewing claim information, and much more.

  • Help employees compare and select the best care at the best price by showing costs, out-of-pocket estimates, and doctor reviews.
  • Guided search with an intuitive interface that helps employees quickly find providers and care options.
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