Rally® Simplifies Health Care Benefits

We combine medical expertise, data science, and thoughtful design to improve the health care experience.

Remedies for Complex Health Care

Making sense of insurance options, improving health care outcomes, and lowering costs is hard for everyone.

Rally® is an easy-to-use integrated platform that makes complex benefit options understandable. Our products guide users through the process of evaluating, choosing, enrolling in, and using the benefits that best meet their specific needs.

Better Science, Healthier Behavior

Rally® behavioral and data scientists work with medical experts to build apps that engage, retain, and guide our members step by step to better health.

Our chief medical officer and user experience design teams work together to develop user-friendly products that truly work. Rally's executives and employees come from both the health care and software industries, bringing a unique set of skills to the creation of digital experiences that can transform health care.

Improving Health Outcomes

Combining an understanding of people and their behaviors with great user-experience design, our products drive engagement, leading to better health.

Our solutions were built from inception to integrate the processes of benefits enrollment, finding and paying for care, and staying healthy, in order to address the complete employee health life cycle.

Experiences That Transform Health Care

By making complex benefits understandable and relevant to employees, Rally® encourages individuals to make important and informed decisions about their health and health care.

  • Strategic partnerships allow Rally to participate in the entire health care ecosystem.
  • Rally gathers extensive feedback from partners, benefit leaders, and end users. We use this feedback loop to continually improve our products and services.
  • Our data and behavioral scientists continually refine how we engage and retain members.

Simplify Benefits for Your Company

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Better Health for Them, ROI for You

Rally® is the only company that was built to handle the complete spectrum of employee health care needs and gain the cooperation of payers and providers. The result is better outcomes and lower costs for all.

"I think Rally is the best! I love how it gets me to keep track of my steps. That is very important to me, as I am trying to be more active. I’ve also gotten my husband and sister to join. Thank you!"

A Rally user

from Texas

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