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How to Say No to Vaping

By Staff | January 28, 2020 | Healthwise

If someone offers you a vape, you don't have to take it. And if you've tried vaping, you don't have to keep doing it. Here are some ways you can say no.

  • Look the person in the eye and say “No thanks.” Sometimes that's all you need to do. Say it as many times as you need to. Also ask the person not to ask you again: "I’m cool with my decision, so don’t bother me again."
  • Say why you don’t want to vape. Here are some examples: "If my parents find out, they’ll take my car away," or "I have to practice with my band tomorrow and don't want to be short of breath."
  • Walk out. It’s okay to leave a party or group where vapes are being used.
  • Offer another idea. "I’d rather play video games" or "Let’s listen to some music." By doing this, you might also prevent your friend from vaping.
  • Ask for respect. Make it clear that you don’t want to vape and that continuing to ask you is showing no respect for your opinions. "I don’t give you a hard time, so why are you giving me a hard time?"
  • Think ahead. If you think you might go someplace where people are vaping, don’t go. But if you do go, think in advance about what you will do if someone offers you a vape.

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