Your Complete Fitness Program

One Pass™ is a complete fitness solution. It’s available to eligible plan members at no extra cost. One Pass goes beyond a traditional gym membership. You get unlimited access to a national network of fitness locations. You can also join on-demand and live video classes right from home.

Fit for Your Lifestyle

One Pass can help you live your best life because it fits your personal needs and interests. You might like in-studio yoga on Mondays. Or live video strength classes you can join at home on Wednesdays. Or cardio in the gym on Fridays. Create an experience that’s all your own.

Convenient Locations

One Pass is a nationwide network of gyms and fitness locations. Choose from leading fitness brands and local studios.

Online Workouts

Join one of over 20,000 on-demand and live video fitness classes. Get expert guidance to build workouts personalized for you.

In-Person Fitness Near You

One Pass is a single program that lets you access a nationwide network. You can go to leading national fitness locations or local studios. You get flexibility to work out at any location in the network. So you can create a fitness program that’s best for your needs and interests.

Your access to some One Pass locations depends on your plan eligibility.

Online Workouts, on Your Schedule

With One Pass, you can choose from over 20,000 on-demand and live video fitness classes. Get guidance to help customize your workouts and learn exercise movements.

Try One Pass Today

Start enjoying all that One Pass offers now. It’s a single solution that supports your physical health at home or at fitness locations. Remember, there’s no extra cost for eligible plan members.