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We’ve partnered with OneSmallStep to help you get healthier. On Rally you’ll get personalised recommendations for healthy daily activities, lots of chances to earn rewards, and much more!

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Getting Healthier Just Got Easier

Rally is here to help you make smarter choices and form healthier habits. At Rally, we believe good health happens in little ways, every day.

Want to lose weight? Get stronger? Feel happier? The key is making small changes that add up to big results. We'll show you how, and reward you along the way.

Tell Us Your Story

It starts with a quick, fun Health Survey. Your answers help us see the total picture of your health and let us make personalized recommendation that can really make a difference to you.

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Learn Your Rally Age

Then we calculate your Rally Age, which might be higher or lower than your actual age, depending on your health. This tells us what areas we can help you with the most.

Get Your Missions

We'll give you recommended Missions, which are simple, healthy activities you can fit into your daily schedule. We've got Missions to cover diet, exercise, medications, stress - you name it.

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Earn Your Rewards

Pretty much everything you do on Rally, from just logging in every day to making progress on a Mission, will earn you Rally Coins, which you can use for lots of great stuff.

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