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Kevin Hart to Huffington Post: Let's Get Physical!

By Rally Staff | May 14, 2015

Kevin Hart works hard, works out hard, and knows how to make people laugh hard.

He's currently on the highest-grossing comedy tour of all time, and he's using this incredible platform to spread word about the importance of getting fit and staying healthy.

As Kevin told the The Huffington Post on a rare break from his busy touring and acting schedule:

"There has to be a driving force that gets you to [make good choices] regardless of how you feel. Rally HealthSM is not only doing that but challenging me to meet new personal goals. The more people can understand about their lifestyle, the more they can get up to move, exercise and get better results."

RallySM is sponsoring Kevin's "What Now?" tour because Rally's goals are the same as Kevin's: motivate people to feel better, eat better, and move more - and laugh a lot while doing it!

Rally is tremendously excited to help Kevin Hart and people across the United States reach their health and wellness goals, and we're looking forward to laughing our way to a good ab workout at the next Kevin Hart show.

By the way, if you're still trying to get tickets to see Kevin on tour, you can enter to win an exclusive “Rally With Kevin” experience at www.rallyhealth.com/kevinhart.

Rally Staff