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Kevin Hart and Rally Aren't Kidding About Health

By Rally Staff | May 5, 2015

Where better than Essence for Kevin Hart to talk about why health and wellness are so essential for him and his fans?

Kevin is using his partnership with Rally HealthSM to spread the word among his fans and supporters about the importance of staying fit and healthy.

"[Rally Health] is something that basically puts people in the position where they can understand ... the benefits of living right and treating your body the way that you're supposed to... . The whole thing is about empowerment, about making people better."

Kevin sees his shows as an integral part of his message that laughter is the best medicine since “the ultimate goal is for people to leave laughing, feeling better about themselves.”

Kevin wants you to know that laughter is exercise too:

"Laughter is a nice little ab workout. I've literally worked my abs by laughing so hard to the point where that it's equal to doing exercise."

And since he's the funniest man on the planet, he must have some pretty serious abs, right?!

Yes. Yes, he does.

Rally Staff