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Live Vape FreeSM  is a program from Rally® and Quit For Life®  offering expert guidance and education that empowers constructive conversations with teens about the risks associated with vaping. All it takes is a call to get started. No judgment. Just help.

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Why Vaping Aerosol Is Worse Than You Think

E-cigarettes emit more than harmless water vapor. Understand the risks of vaping. Learn More

6 Ways to Motivate Teens to Stop Vaping

A big part of helping your teen quit e-cigarettes is getting them to figure out how vaping is affecting their life and why they might want to stop. Learn More

Guidance for Getting the Conversation Started with Teens

Most kids and teens have heard about vaping from someone, often their peers. They need to hear from the adults in their lives, too. This guide is designed to provide the insights needed for getting started, tips and tools, and resources for ongoing support.

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How to Quit Vaping – An Action Plan for Teens

Here's a solid plan for teens who want to quit vaping or for parents who want to help their kids quit. Learn More

Want to learn more about helping teens live a vape-free life? Quit For Life experts are ready to talk.

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Quit For Life has been helping people quit nicotine and tobacco for more than 30 years. Together with Rally, you’ve got all the support, tools, and resources needed for taking small steps toward a vape-free life.