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Kevin Hart and Rally: Making Healthy Cool in San Francisco

By Staff | July 18, 2015 | Rally Health

Kevin Hart is doing a huge comedy tour and shooting a major movie but he still found time to hit the streets of San Francisco first thing Saturday morning, along with about 1400 people who heeded his call to get up early and get at it.

With the Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop, Hart finished the impromptu 5K in a 22:21 personal best, and then stuck around to high five everyone as they crossed the finish line. Why? Because his overall goal right now is "to make being heathy cool," as he put it, and he sure pulled that off. High fives all around.

These spontaneous 5K runs grew out of Hart’s role as the first Health Ambassador for RallySM. Kevin teamed up with Rally HealthSM to let everyone know that it can be fun to get — and stay — healthy.

For more about how Rally and Kevin Hart are making healthy cool, check out RallyWithKevin.com.

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