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Standing Together to Drive Change

By Karl Ulfers | June 3, 2020 | Rally Health

Like so many of you, I watched the video of George Floyd’s death with horror, anger, and profound sadness. It is impossible to rationalize why this killing, and the many others that preceded it, keep happening. Far too often simple things so many of us don’t think twice about –– a trip to the local market, a jog in our community, birdwatching in the park –– end up in devastating outcomes for Black Americans.

I’ve heard these concerns repeatedly from many at Rally, particularly from people in our employee affinity groups, and the honor of listening to them has further amplified the injustices surrounding us every day.

We grieve for our Minneapolis community and for all Americans who feel less safe this week than they did last. We support you, we recognize the systems of injustice, and we are continuing to work to do better at Rally and in our own lives.

Here at Rally, our mission is to help people live healthier lives. The sad reality is that deep-rooted racism negatively affects the health of Black people in countless ways. They are disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 while living with these terrifying reminders that they are more likely to suffer from racially motivated violence.

Now is the time for us to work together to drive the change we want to see. While we continue our conversations and training at Rally on equity, diversity, and inclusion, this is a stark reminder that there is much more to be done. Our Rally family will come together to help rebuild and support our communities. In that spirit, we have donated to the Minneapolis YWCA and the Twin Cities Urban League. Both of these organizations are committed to strengthening and supporting the Twin Cities community and are already actively engaged in racial justice programming. I encourage you to do the same where you live.

These are dark moments, and I encourage all of us to try and find the light in ways that provide comfort and inspiration. Engage in your own reflection, education, and action, and work to dismantle the racial inequality in our communities. Lean on your family, friends, community, and spiritual leaders. Listening helps. Donating and volunteering help. Standing up for the change you want to see helps.

For days, many of us have been waking up to terrible images of pain and destruction across the United States. Here in the Twin Cities, the community came together practically overnight to honor George Floyd’s memory. Let’s let the image below remind us of the enormous work still to be done.

Karl Ulfers is CEO of Rally Health, Inc.

Karl Ulfers
Rally Health

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