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Your Rally Age and Staying Younger

By Staff | July 9, 2015 | Rally Health

His birth certificate says he's 35 years old, but according to Rally, Kevin Hart is just 29. Here's how he shaved off six years.

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Some people's Rally Age is the same as their real age, others comes out "older" than their years, and some lucky people have a "younger" Rally Age because they're doing the right things to take care of themselves. That's what happened with Kevin, who is passionate about being fit and healthy. We recently asked him about the habits that keep him so young.

Q: What is your favorite tip for eating well?

A: For me the most important thing to remember about eating healthily is sticking to a regimen. I try to stick to eating more fruits, vegetables, nuts, more small meals throughout the day to keep my metabolism going. I try to stay on track during the week and then give myself a cheat day once a week where I can choose a meal to eat what I have been craving that week — wings, or a burger.”

Q: Is it true you're not a smoker? Were you ever tempted to smoke?

A: I am not a smoker. Aside from it being bad for you, it segregates you. I am a people person I love being around people. So the idea of leaving a group of friends, to go stand outside, in the cold by yourself … it’s just not me.

Q: What is your best advice about working out? How do you stay motivated?

A: Here's what I told People Magazine recently. It’s all about prioritizing, having your day planned before it even begins. Once I get to the hotel, the first thing I do is get my workout out of the way. I’m small! You can’t be small and have a little frame. You’ve got to have something.

Q: You are clearly grateful for all that you have achieved. How do you stay that way and not lose sight of things?
A: I’m always striving to better myself in everything I do. To do that I have found that staying hungry, humble, and having a positive attitude help me maintain that balance. The best way to keep a positive outlook on life, is to always be grateful for what you have and every opportunity life presents.”

Q: We love the way you let loose with a dance in the gym every once in a while. Where else do you like to dance?

A: I dance everywhere — at the gym, in the car, in the shower, at the grocery store. Dancing always makes me feel good, whether I’m alone or not. It also rubs off positive energy on other people. Try it right now, I bet it will make you feel better.

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