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  • 5 Homemade Desserts Under 200 Calories

5 Homemade Desserts Under 200 Calories

By Wendy Ruopp | June 29, 2020 | EatingWell

In the summer I like to eat light, fresh meals, which means I have more than enough room for a tasty dessert. But I don't want to pile on a bunch of calories at the end of a meal. So I like to turn to my repertoire of super-easy low-calorie desserts. As long as they're not loaded with tons of cream, it's easy to make them delicious but still relatively slim. Here are some of my favorites.

Frozen Chocolate-Covered Bananas

Kids will love dipping bananas in melted chocolate and rolling them in coconut to make this tasty frozen treat. Calories per serving: 100

Watermelon Slush

Just whir up chunks of watermelon with ice, lime juice, water and a little sugar and you've got an amazing homemade take on a slurpee...but with only 48 calories! Calories per serving: 48

Blueberries with Lemon Cream

This recipe is like an instant lemon-blueberry cheesecake. All you do is top the fresh berries with a simple blend of vanilla yogurt and reduced-fat cream cheese flecked with lemon zest. Calories per serving: 156

Mocha Pops

Whip up these mocha pops early in the day and they'll be ready after dinner. A little of the cocoa settles at the bottom as they freeze, leaving a chocolatey surprise on the top once the pop is unmolded. At only 54 calories, this dessert is a healthier alternative to many frozen coffee drinks (and you don't have to leave the house!). Calories per serving: 54

Tropical Fruit Ice

This super-easy recipe combines passion fruit concentrate, water and lime juice for an exotic ice with intense flavor. Top it with sliced fresh mango, pineapple or papaya. Calories per serving: 84

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Wendy Ruopp

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