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Feel Like Feeling Good? Some Tips from a Pro Football Player

By Melvin Gordon | September 21, 2017 | Rally Health

Early on as a football player, I decided that if I was ever in a place to give back to my community, and use my position as an athlete to have a positive impact on others, I would do exactly that. Ever since I was in high school, I’ve made a point of visiting with kids (like those at the Boys and Girls Club in my hometown of Kenosha, WI) and talking to them about making good decisions, and pursuing their passions, whatever those passions may be.

Volunteering like this makes me feel good. I love seeing the kids’ faces light up. And it seems to have a positive impact on them, too. (They actually seem to be listening.) As a kid myself, I never had that kind of interaction with a professional athlete, or a person in a higher position. But I always wished I had. I sometimes think about friends from my childhood who went down a different path than my own, and wonder if a few positive words from someone they really looked up to might have led them to make different decisions.


Ways to Volunteer

  • Find something you’re passionate about, something where you really believe you’re making difference.
  • Volunteer alongside friends, your children, or other family members, as a way to share in a meaningful experience and build a stronger social bonds with each other.
  • Keep a healthy balance between your volunteer time and your personal life, and don’t overcommit.

When I talk to kids, my greatest wish is that they’ll pay it forward. That as they grow up, they’ll give their time and energy to something that has a positive impact on society. I even occasionally wonder if, somewhere in the group, there’s a future athlete who just needed a few words of encouragement. Maybe that kid will go on to become a star?

And I hope that future star athlete will come home, and talk to the next generation.

Pro Tip: Volunteering regularly is a Rally® Mission, and can help people reduce stress and form social bonds. Studies have shown that people over 50 years old who spend time volunteering can actually live longer. Find a cause you care about, and try volunteering once a week.


Melvin Gordon
Rally Health

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