Your Guide to At Home Fitness and Nutrition

Whether they’ve been stuck at home or social distancing, your employees are hungry for ideas on how to reset. Help them get back on track as we head into the new year by sharing the fitness and nutrition resources below — well-being and workout videos, fitness tips, and a guide to losing weight at home. Your employees can also take advantage of Real Appeal® on Rally Coach™ , the clinically proven online weight loss program, if it’s part of your benefits offerings.

Help Employees Get Back in the Fitness Game

This easy-to-share package of articles provides tips and tools, including online exercise resources, family-friendly fitness ideas, and a 12-minute workout that can be done anywhere. Get an email template you can use to send to employees, too.

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5 Tips for Losing Weight at Home

Discover science-backed ways to shed pounds at home, all based on insights from Real Appeal on Rally Coach, a clinically proven weight loss program. This one-page guide is easy to share with employees.