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Virtual Coins for Real Change

By Chip Nash | September 13, 2016 | Rally Health

Everyone from credit card companies to airlines knows that a coins- or points-based rewards system can really engage their members. RallyⓇ is taking the idea a step further to reinforce one of our guiding principles: Helping others also helps you.

On January 1, 2016, Rally rolled out a Donations feature as part of our incentive offerings. Now, when eligible users earn Rally Coins for health Missions or other activities, they can choose to donate their coins to one of several worthy causes. When a charity reaches a certain coin threshold, Rally makes a substantial cash donation to that charity — as high as $4,000, plus a bonus $1,000 if all charities hit their goal.

In the second quarter of this year, Rally users donated a total of more than 9 million Rally Coins, and Rally, in turn, donated more than $8,000 to charities. The American Heart Association and the Alzheimer’s Association each received over $3,000, and the American Cancer Society received more than $6,000. In fact, the American Diabetes Association reached its donation limit for the quarter ahead of schedule, closing out with 2.5 million Rally Coins and $4,000.

“We launched Donations as part of the Texas Military Wellness Initiative this summer in hopes of tapping into the power of intrinsic motivation within the community, and boy did it work!” says Brian Dolan, Rally’s chief strategy officer. “We saw an eightfold increase in user engagement as part of a campaign to help others as you help yourself. We also received several messages like one that said, ‘I feel like every coin I earn counts toward something meaningful.’ Pretty cool!”

At the moment, Donations are only available to certain clients, but we are working on making this option available to more of our clients and members in the near future.

In addition to Rally sweepstakes and donations, other planned options for using Rally Coins will include direct exchange, in which users may simply trade their coins for the items they want. Also in the works: an auction feature, in which you can use Rally Coins to bid on an item, and if you’re not the winner, you get to keep your coins and try for another reward.

We expect that innovative programs like Donations will continue to prove hugely successful in helping Rally members make a real difference while improving their own health.

Chip Nash is Vice President of Product at Rally Health.

Chip Nash
Rally Health