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Sweet Deals! Rally’s New Marketplace Off to a Strong Start

By Staff | June 14, 2018 | Rally Health

We knew we were on to something when we introduced our new rewards Marketplace last year.

Our online feature allows members to exchange virtual Rally Coins, earned by participating in healthy Missions or Challenges, for significant discounts on a wide selection of popular items. We’re talking fitness devices from Fitbit® and Garmin, bikes from Diamondback, and even tickets to movies, theme parks, or professional sporting events from Ticket Monster.

Sounds like a sweet deal, right? But even we have been surprised by Marketplace’s success.

Our data shows that users who have opted into Marketplace and redeemed an offer have increased their participation in Rally Missions by 46 percent. We’re also seeing a 21 percent increase in Mission activity by those who have opted in but not yet redeemed an offer. This is great news for employers who are looking for ways to motivate their workforce to adopt healthier habits.

Another important data point: Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) is nine points higher than average for our Marketplace users. This is significant because the NPS is the number businesses use to determine how happy customers are with the services they provide, and the health care industry has traditionally had low NPS scores.

As we noted in our recent white paper, “How to Make Sure You Buy the Best Health Care Engagement Platform,” one way health care companies can improve their NPS is to help consumers more easily navigate their wellness journeys. And with Rally Marketplace (SM), that’s exactly what we’ve done. Members get great discounts and are encouraged to adopt healthy activities, and employers are seeing engagement rates for their wellness program climb.

If you’re already a Rally client, you can learn more here about how to help your employees earn big discounts on major brands while also encouraging them to do more healthy activities. And if you’d like to learn more about how Rally can help drive greater engagement with your employees, contact rallysales@rallyhealth.com.

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