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Rally's Top 10 Stories of 2015

By Deepi Brar | February 5, 2016 | Rally Health

From getting fit to chilling out, Rally readers enjoyed a wide range of stories in 2015. Here are our most popular articles of the year. Take a look to see what made the list, and to make sure you didn’t miss anything — there are some good ones here.

  1. Sugar, Coffee, and Booze: What You Need to Know About the New Food Guidelines

The news was good for brunch lovers — have some eggs and coffee! — but not so great for fans of burgers and pie.

  1. Sitting: Is It the New Smoking?

Lots of sitting is bad for you. Our infographic takes a look at what it does to your body and offers some simple ways to move more during the day.

  1. 7 Things Doctors Want You to Know

Their tips range from little details (when to schedule appointments) to the big picture (how to enjoy life).

  1. The Worst Fitness Tips Ever

There’s plenty of bad advice out there. Here’s some of the worst that trainers have heard.

  1. Walking vs. Elliptical Machines: Which Is Better?

The answer depends on who you are, and what you’re trying to achieve.

  1. The 10-Minute Standing Core Workout - Great for the Office!

Who has an hour and a half to spend at the gym three times a week? Yeah, thought so.

  1. Two-Minute Stress Busters You Can Do at Your Desk

Or, how to take a micro-vacation at work.

  1. How to Tell If You’re Getting Enough Water

Surprisingly, there are no official guidelines about how much water to drink.

  1. 31 Easy 10-Minute Meals

For when you don’t have time to spend hours — or even minutes — in the kitchen.

  1. 7 Things You Should Stop Apologizing For

Because too much of “my bad” is well, bad.

Deepi Brar
Rally Health

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