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Rally White Paper: Three Ways to Increase Engagement With Your Wellness Programs

By Staff | October 26, 2016 | Rally Health

We’re excited to share our latest white paper, Three Ways to Increase Engagement with Your Wellness Programs. Many health care payers and employers have launched wellness programs aimed at helping people make smart lifestyle choices — from apps that track calories and plan meals, to smoking cessation programs, preventive care reminders, and fitness trackers. The problem is, few people stick with these programs.

Creating wellness programs that pull people in and keep them coming back isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. When employees engage regularly with wellness programs, they tend to practice preventive care and have fewer chronic health problems. Payers reduce medical payouts and boost ROI, while employers get more productive employees.

In this white paper, we offer three best practices to increase sustained engagement with wellness platforms.

1. Make it mobile

Nearly 80 percent of Americans own smartphones, so it’s critical to build mobile-first wellness programs. But unlike games, wellness apps must also move people to change ingrained behaviors, and do so in a sensitive, highly personal way. Learn strategies to create sticky mobile apps that make it fun, social, and rewarding for users to manage their health care and wellness with a few swipes and taps.

2. Make it personal

One-size-fits-all wellness programs won’t cut it in today’s world of hyper-personalization. Thanks to Netflix, Amazon, and Facebook, people expect personalized experiences tailored to their lifestyles. This white paper features tips on how to present every user with a unique, personalized experience.

3. Make it consumer focused

Consumers love Uber and Airbnb because they’re simple and easy to use. Unfortunately, many wellness programs feel complicated, cold, and clinical. Learn best practices in consumer engagement — including game theory, UX design, and brand marketing — to create wellness programs that hook users and keep them coming back.

For more on this topic and a detailed look at our tips, download Three Ways to Increase Engagement with Your Wellness Programs.

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