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The Rally Marketplace Is Open!

By Rhett Woods | November 14, 2017 | Rally Health

We’re almost to New Year’s Resolution season, when the country’s gyms suddenly get much busier…for a couple of weeks. But by February, many of these newly minted gym rats will have disappeared as people fall back into their old habits.

If you want to promote better health among your employees, the key is keeping them engaged — for the long term. But how to do it? One way is by offering them an incentive to keep going. On Rally®, members can earn virtual Rally Coins by taking on daily Missions and Challenges to improve their diet, exercise, and other habits. They can then exchange these Coins to enter sweepstakes for the chance to win a variety of rewards.

While the sweepstakes model has been effective and popular, it does have drawbacks. For instance, users who spend their hard-earned Rally Coins on an unsuccessful sweeps entry often feel frustrated at having to start over again.

This is why Rally has decided to introduce Marketplace, a new rewards option that takes a totally different approach. In the Rally Marketplace™, instead of spending Coins to enter sweepstakes or bid on auctions, users can choose to exchange coins for significant discounts on a wide selection of popular items like fitness devices from Fitbit ® and Garmin, bikes from Diamondback, and even tickets to movies or sporting events from Ticket Monster.


For example, a user browsing Marketplace might find a 35 percent discount on a new personal tracking device that they’ve been wanting. They simply exchange the appropriate number of Rally Coins and receive a special discount code, which they can then take to the manufacturer’s website and purchase the item at the new, discounted price.

With this new rewards model, there are no lost Coins on unsuccessful attempts. Everyone simply exchanges their Coins for the discount of their choice. That will relieve a significant point of frustration for our members and give them the encouragement they need to stay engaged for the long term and continue earning Rally Coins by taking positive, healthy steps.

In addition to the Marketplace, we have also recently introduced Auctions, which allow users to bid on items and retain their Rally Coins if they are not the highest bidder, as well as Donations, which let them contribute their Rally Coins to their favorite charities.

We at Rally feel confident that these new approaches to rewarding our users for doing the hard work of improving their health will lead to improved engagement, increased ROI for our clients, and better health outcomes all across the board, which after all is the primary value of a wellness product.

It also points to our core belief that to be effective, a wellness product must be responsive to the user experience, and agile enough to iterate and bring about improvements quickly.

We’re proud to add Rally Marketplace to our stable of incentive offerings, and hope your users enjoy it.

The new Rally Marketplace is scheduled to launch November 18. If you’re a client or member, look for it here. Want more information? Email hwb@rallyhealth.com.

Rhett Woods is chief creative officer and co-head of product at Rally Health. 


Rhett Woods
Rally Health