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Rally Auctions Are Open for Bidding

By Staff | May 25, 2017 | Rally Health

Going once, going twice … announcing our new RallyⓇ Auctions feature. Auctions let users bid Rally CoinsSM on the rewards of their choice, and if they’re not the highest bidder, they get to keep their coins and try again.

Rewarding users for taking positive steps to improve their health has been a cornerstone of the Rally approach from the beginning. Traditionally, users have earned Rally Coins for engaging in features like Missions or Challenges, and then used those Coins to enter sweepstakes for the chance to win great rewards like tablet computers, mountain bikes, or premium exercise gear.

Sweepstakes have proved to be a hugely successful way to encourage members to take healthy steps. Rally processed over $256 million in rewards in 2016, and we're well on track to double that number in 2017, with $221 million in Rally Coins already spent so far.

However, some members expressed frustration after failing to win any sweepstakes. In response to this feedback, we’ve retooled Rewards to give our clients the ability to offer Auctions to their populations as well. This lets people make as many attempts to claim rewards as they want, without depleting their Coin balance unless they are the winning bidder.

Staying flexible and agile enough to respond to user feedback is crucial to keeping members happy, healthy, and engaged in improving their health, which is better for everyone.

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