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Let the Bidding Begin!

By Ian Wheeler | February 2, 2016 | Rally Health

Rally auctions are a fun new way to get rewarded for healthy living.

Better health is its own reward of course, but RallySM users know that getting healthier can pay off in more ways than one. Rally encourages people to make smarter choices and form healthier habits, and provides a complementary rewards experience for everyone who is making progress in their daily Missions or pushing themselves in a multi-day Challenge.

The current rewards experience allows users to earn Rally Coins, which can be exchanged for the chance to win great rewards in one of our many ongoing sweepstakes. But some people want more, and we’re listening to your feedback. That’s why Rally is announcing a new auctions component that will allow users to bid their hard-earned coins on the rewards they want the most. If you bid the most coins at the end of the auction, you get the reward straight up. And if you don’t win, you’ll get your coins back for use in another auction or sweepstakes.

Even better, Rally offers the option to include a “Win Now” feature that lets members simply use their Rally Coins to redeem a reward directly, guaranteeing the opportunity to take it home! After all, if your team members are working hard to improve their health, they deserve a reward.

We will begin launching the auctions functionality for a select population in February and are planning subsequent rollouts of these features to additional users on our platform throughout this and next year.

We hope this exciting new feature gives you even more motivation to get out there, earn Rally Coins, and get your hands on the awesome gear your heart desires the most. And you can do that by taking the kind of positive steps that can help improve your health and team morale.

Just another way that Rally is innovating in 2016.

Ian Wheeler
Rally Health