Patients Are Customers

As patients bear increased responsibility for the cost of their care, they behave more like retail consumers looking for high quality at the best price. Rally® helps you provide the information they need to evaluate their options and plan ahead for costs.

The Right Care at the Right Price

By providing a patient-facing public portal, Rally Connect® helps patients and their families find the best care at right price, reduces out-of-system leakage, and helps patients understand and plan for their share of costs, which can decrease bad debt.

  • Promote providers within your delivery network
  • Set accurate expectations for patient’s financial responsibility
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Anytime, Anywhere

Everything about the Rally® experience is designed with the end user in mind. Patients see the information they need while the complexity of the health care system is managed by the Rally platform.

  • Intuitive, user-friendly experience
  • Find care anywhere with the mobile app
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Decrease Bad Debt

No one likes an unexpected bill. Rally® enables patients to understand and plan for expenses prior to receiving care.

  • Set clear financial responsibility expectations
  • Total cost and out-of-pocket estimates
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43 Million

More than 43 Million searches to find and price care.

Quickly Learning What Care Costs

Rally members can get quick estimates on the cost of the care that they need, building understanding of potential financial impacts and payment - before before treatment.

Rally's Platform

Provider Benefits

Decrease leakage to out-of-system providers and facilities.

Lower bad debt by providing price transparency.

Increase conversion rates with greater utilization of patient portal.

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